Specialized recruitment for startups


In Quebec as in other parts of the world, the entrepreneurial sector is experiencing a boom. With stiff competition, small windows of opportunity and limited resources, even the most promising local projects can face serious growing pains.

For many of them, achieving lasting success depends on their ability to bring key talents on board.

Millésime UP is Millésime’s recruitment expertise tailored to the needs of startups. It’s all about personalized guidance, discounted fees and flexible terms, all delivered by a team that loves to work with young companies with strong growth potential. Our commitment: finding the right talents to match your vision.

Our services


A full-service search and approach process targeting the best candidates, from defining the ideal profile to negotiating terms of employment – and beyond.

Talent acquisition strategy consulting

Employer branding and visibility, competency profile, talent evaluation, organization chart, etc.

Eligibility for start-up services*

  • Years in operation: < 5
  • Annual sales: < $2 M
  • Commitment to growth and durability
  • Limited internal recruitment capacity

* Additional conditions may apply. The company’s financial resources, its stage of development, the role of talent acquisition in growth and other criteria will also be considered. The eligibility of each UP program client will be reviewed annually.

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Our values



Our team works with entrepreneurs to build solid partnerships based on trust, collaboration and confidentiality.



We cultivate a positive, friendly and authentic environment that fosters both individual and organizational growth.

Startup culture

Startup culture

Millésime UP is agile, tuned into growth-related issues, provides valuable guidance to entrepreneurs, and an extensive network.